January 23rd

gabbiIt was all right while I was busy trying not to be late and miss my flight. But suddenly I saw the Brazilian flag on the plane and my heart stopped. I had to concentrate not to cry in line waiting for my turn to enter.
I said “boa tarde”, found my seat, I suffered to put my luggage, and just breathed, I was really doing it.
At first I was hungry, tired, but hearing people speaking Portuguese was comfortable. For the first time in 12 months I didn’t have to worry about pronunciation and grammar. I took few minutes until start crying.
Fool… But also so real.
Movies, dinner, wine and then coffee. Brazilian coffee. I ordered like I used to do in USA: black, without sugar or cream. Part of me wanted to taste the Brazilian coffee in its original taste. At that moment I closed my eyes, like who tastes a good wine, and felt the emotions that I was holding since I left my house.I was away from home. Not anymore. Few hours and I’m there.
For years I though I had to leave my house, family and friends to be a succeed adult. Maybe because I wanted to be just like my mom, that left her city in Minas Gerais to grow up in the big city, and became an amazing woman.
Now I realized I was wrong! I could have been an incredible woman living close to my family and friends, not alone in different places. For those who know me, understand that I wouldn’t have stayed at home expecting my dreams to come true, I’m not that kind of person, so I had to leave to discovered by myself.
It was good to have taken this time for me, I learned a lot, more than I ever imagined. A new journey begins.
but for now … should I sleep?
I have 7 hours remaining on this flight.

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